Taxi Sharing Scheme

Our Taxi Sharing Scheme lets you request a taxi share or advertise a taxi share based on common pickup and drop off locations.

This is an excellent way for you to hire a taxi with others to share the cost of hiring a taxi for long distance trips.

Any taxi shares booked as a pick up from anywere outside St Andrews require payment in advance before booking is finalised. Local bookings can pay on pickup.

How It Works

Share a trip:
Select a taxi share spot below, click the 'request share' button and fill the form to apply for a seat on the trip. If people request a share for that trip, the trip will go ahead and you will pay the marked price per passenger. If the trip is not going ahead, no one pays BUT you can still request a private booking on your own for that trip.

Advertise a share:
If you are looking to advertise a share, simply fill the 'advertise a share' form and we will add the share to our list. When people request to share with you we will let you know and mark it here on the site. If the share goes ahead you will share the marked price for the trip.